About Us

Saltwater Close is a work in progress....but hopes to provide remodeling, design services and investment advice to folks who'd like to live or own property in the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina.  We use local vendors and do what we can to support the small businesses in our area.  We also try to repurpose, reuse and salvage cool things to use in our designs.  Some of the things we're pretty good at are:

  • Helping you buy or sell a house in the Outer Banks
  • Remodeling or updating your property ~ one small thing, or the whole house!
  • Design consultation (available at an hourly rate)
  • Staging your property ~ which can equal a faster sale at a higher price


Think you might need our help but not sure?  Call us- we'll be happy to answer your questions....and if we can't help, we'll do our best to point you in the right direction!

Sarah Close

Sarah Close


Sarah Close is a middle aged soccer mom with a passion for working on anything she can "fix up".  A native of Wisconsin (Go Pack, Go!), she's been investing in, selling and rehabbing properties since 1997.  She's worked on homes built in the early 1900's, inner city condo conversions, and concrete constructed buildings situated in various parts of the U.S. and U.S.V.I.  She knows her way around old woodwork, cisterns, water pumps, and can change old sash cords in her sleep.  Sarah spends most of her time "outside the box" and her least favorite phrase is "that's not the way we usually do it".  Although her degree is in journalism may seem an odd pairing with swinging a hammer, it has provided her with great communication and marketing skills.  She's happy to both run around in grungy clothes and a ponytail and wheel and deal in the real estate contractual world.  Sarah also suffers from a chronic case of wanderlust....grabbing her children and a suitcase and oftentimes choosing to worry about finances and makeup homework on a different day. Extensive travel to far flung places has influenced both her design perspectives and how she prioritizes "needs" when it comes to starting a new project.  She has two children, two giant dogs, a 19 year old cat, and an occasional rescue of the furry variety.